Concourse Media is a multi-faceted entertainment group. CM manages three separate divisions: film distribution company Concourse Film Trade, creative marketing and audience engagement firm I&Co, and moviegoer experience division Concourse Cinema Ventures.

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Film Trade

Concourse Film Trade is the global film licensing arm of Concourse Media. CFT is dedicated to financing and acquiring motion pictures for domestic, international and/or worldwide distribution.

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Cinema Ventures

Concourse Cinema Ventures is exclusively devoted to enhancing the moviegoer experience of attending the cinema. As the country’s #1 leisure activity, we create connections to the movies you love.

Concourse Film Trade exhibits at every major Film Market and attends several key Film Festivals throughout the year.

As a global film sales agency, our expansive network and marketing initiatives create a dynamic distribution experience.

A Motion Picture Creative Firm

I&Co engineers feature film release campaigns and engagement strategies that capture audience and culture verticals throughout the USA and abroad.